Children's Police Books

Are you looking for police children’s books? How about correctional officers’ children’s books, border patrol children’s books, TSA officer children’s books, or private security officer children’s books?

Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between your children’s books and other books?

Shaun Sundahl is a full-time police officer. Nearly all children’s police books are written by someone who has no experience as a police officer or any other related law enforcement occupation, however, publications like Our Police by Jack E. Levin, is a well-respected children’s book even though the author is not a police officer. What really matters is what you are looking for. If you are looking for a book based on (kid-friendly) realistic police tactics and experiences, Shaun’s books are the way to go. For example, Shaun worked closely with his illustrator. Something so simple as how the characters wear their duty belt and equipment—and even how they use a flashlight (non-gun hand) or how they approach a vehicle — took a lot of time to get it (almost) right.

Something else to point out is that the child reader is an active participant in every book! The child may have to choose which police equipment is best for the situation and other times, he/she may have to help the officer find the bad guy.

Another important topic is it’s rare to find corrections officer children’s books, security guard children’s books, border patrol agent children’s books, or customs officer children’s books. Shaun understands that these are all non-traditional police-related occupations that are forgotten in the realm of children’s book authors. For this reason, Shaun has created several books to honor the men and women who serve in these fields. These books are based on real encounters Shaun had with the honorable people in these professions.

And last, Shaun’s children’s books is one of the only books where all the main characters are named and illustrated after a fallen officer.

If your books are based on real work of police officers, is there any violence?

In the real world of law enforcement, there is no real way of making force appear “pretty” even if it’s reasonable. It’s all swift, ugly, and violent. However, the Police Officers on Patrol Series are a series of children’s books that minimize violence in such a way that it’s appropriate for children ages 4-8.  For example, in Foot Chase by the Border! the police officer is in foot pursuit of the bad guy. The most extreme “violence” is limited to the officer tackling the bad guy and then putting him in handcuffs.

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