PI Test Tip #2

Private Investigator Test Tip for Study Centers: Tip #2

If any PI test preparation business offers you a "Pass Guarantee", you may want to ask them these easy questions. Remember, a pass guarantee is as good as the business/person(s) offering it to you.

Go ahead and write these questions down or print this out and cut along the line before you make that phone call or e-mail.

----------------------------------------------------------------------Cut Here--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Where can I find you if I want to enforce the pass guarantee? Hint: a P.O. Box is too small to find a person inside.

2. Have you taken the PI exam yourself? When was the last time?

3. Do you have a California PI license? If so, what is the number?
Very important since PI Test Instructors are supposed to teach you how to 

    become licensed like them.

4. Do you have a name?

5. Do you mind if I GOOGLE you?

6. Can I pay through PayPal? Hint: PayPal has a system to dispute questionable transactions.

7. Has anyone ever filed a complaint on you?

-----------------------------------------------------------------Cut Here------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If you have to arrange a meeting with a PI Test Instructor(s) somewhere and he/she makes you nervous, take a deep breath, and follow your Private Investigator intuition. Some of our clients have felt they were interrogated.

And last, don't let anyone trick you. You don't need to know how to pass all five exams.  Look at the outline from PSI Exams and BSIS. All of the percentage breakdown for the subject matter is the same no matter what test out of the five you take.  What you do need to know is how to apply your knowledge of the laws and customs of private investigation and apply them to any test.  We can easily come up with thousands of True/False questions, but decided not to.  All of our questions are multiple choice with a four answer variety and most contain a brief explanation of the answers. Our PI practice test questions are carefully crafted having you, the Private Investigator applicant in mind. Remember, we nor does any other firm offering a PI Practice Test write the real exam. BSIS does that.

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