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Private Firearm and Shooting Lessons for Home Defense, Law Enforcement Academy Readiness, and Military Boot Camp Readiness!

Now accepting reservations in the Coachella, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indio, Indian Wells, La Quinta, and Yucca Valley area.

We are now offering one-on-one shooting lessons for the responsible citizen, law enforcement officer or academy recruit, or someone about to enter the military. Also, those who want to refresh their fundamental skills will find our training beneficial. Although shooting is a male-dominated sport, over the years many women have entered the shooting arena. Women are highly encouraged to attend our self-defense firearm training.

Pictured above is the Prado Shooting Park in Chino, California. This range is one of
the several ranges we use to 
provide private shooting lessons.

Private Lessons Versus Group Lessons

The benefit of receiving gun training on a one-to-one basis is the instructor is able to diagnosis any shooting errors on a more personal basis. In a group setting, the instructor observes a group of let’s say 5-8 persons. The instructor can’t observe everyone at once. Plain and simple: you’ll learn more! In addition, you determine the stress level. If you want a high stress environment, we can provide that. Some learn better in the beginning with less stress. But here’s  a word of  caution! Eventually-- if you want to shoot well or survive a lethal encounter, its best to turn up the stress level during training. Train to win!

A "Typical" Shooting Lesson


Whether we meet you at your home, office, or the range, we will cover the safe operation of a firearm. We can use your gun or you can use one of ours. We carry most common handguns (9mm, .40, .45, .38, or .357), as well as rifles (AR-15/M4, Mini-14, and a 12-Gauge shotgun).


You’ll learn how to safely load and unload your firearm. Load the ammunition in the wrong direction inside the magazine and your gun won’t fire.


There are many myths covering the use of deadly force.  One of them recommends you shoot the person outside and drag him inside.  Do that and you can end up in prison. They call that “evidence tampering.” There are lots of forensic evidence we can’t see with the naked eye.  Forensic evidence as in this scenario will show the body was dragged inside the home.

To use a firearm to be used in self-defense, you must have a (1) present and (2) immediate threat of great bodily injury or death to you or another person.  You must also have a clear picture of the threat. In your private lesson, we’ll cover this!

Shooting Fundamentals

After you learn how to load the gun, we’ll cover basic shooting fundamentals. You’ll learn proper stance, breathing techniques, sight alignment, and trigger control. These are the same techniques covered by military and police shooting schools. Experienced shooters know hitting the target is more than slapping the trigger.


When a gun is jammed, there’s always a possibility of the gun exploding having serious or deadly consequences. We’ll show you how safely clear the most common types of jams (double feed, stovepipe, and failure to fire).

Anything Else?

You may request any instruction not covered on this website. That’s the beauty of private gun classes!

We cover Cathedral City, Coachella, Palm Springs, Indio, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta, and Yucca Valley area.


Are you ready to handle this encounter?

Don't become a victim of a home invasion robbery! Watch this brief video below of senseless murder.The invaders were armed with a Tech-9 sub-machine gun and a bat. With professional training and even armed resistance, YOU can increase you and your family's survival rate. All of our clients are able to use their hourly rate for us to perform a threat assessment and one-on-one training. Instead of only shooting classes at the gun range, we offer scenario-based training in your home or workplace. Every training session is hand-tailored to each client's needs, either in your home or place of business. Learn to properly search your hallways, bedrooms, and outside the home or office for threats. Armed criminals who have an impulsive desire to rape, kill, or maim don't wait, so why should you? Begin training NOW.

**Learn from instructors who have personally experienced and investigated these types of encounters**

Our Staff

Learn from firearm instructors who have experienced high-stress armed situations in the military, police force, or as an armed citizen at home. Learning firearm fundamentals from those who have not experienced the “real-world” is like learning to drive from an instructor who has never driven a car. Our lead instructor, Shaun Sundahl, is the author of the new book Stalker Poison - A Safety Guide for Women Experiencing Domestic Violence or StalkingClick here to verify.

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Our fees change with the availability and demand of our staff in the Coachella, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indio, Indian Wells, La Quinta, and Yucca Valley area.Yes, our fees are expensive, but would you put a price tag on learning something that can possibly save your life or the life of a loved one?

Currently, our fees are $400.00 an hour with a 2-hour minimum each day ($800).  You can use our service for anything you would like to learn. Our service can also be used to train you on how to defend your home or business from armed intruders. There’s more than pulling the trigger (fighting in the dark, using cover, using concealment, and proper body and firearm positions, as well as ballistics) Range fees are usually $22.00. Ammunition ranges in prices depending on the ammunition. Pistol calibers depending on the ammunition, usually sell in boxes of 50 at $28.00-37.00. Rifle ammunition such as the .223 (or 5.56) sells for about .50-.70 a round. Shotgun ammunition can go for $1.00 per round. 

Contact us

****COVID-19 Warning! All training is cancelled for the 2020 Season******

Feel free to contact the lead instructor, Shaun Sundahl. You may call or text message him on his cell phone at (909) 525-8925 or email

Pictured above is Instructor Shaun demonstrating a drill with a carbine
The range we used that day was located in Palm Springs.

****COVID-19 Warning! All training is cancelled for the 2020 Season******

Sundahl & Associates
4195 Chino Hills Pkwy #76
Chino Hills, California 91709
B (626) 789-9072
C (909) 525-8925

Range Information:

Hi-Desert Rod and Gun Club
8046 Yucca Park Road,
Morongo Valley, CA 9225

We also shoot in the 
Palm Springs desert shooting area off of the 111 Freeway.

We are available to train here all days except Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.


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