Taser Certification for Southern California areas of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside Coun

Taser and Electronic Control Device (ECD) Certification

About the Course

Depending on the student, the course can take anywhere from 2-4 hours. You will learn about the care, use, and maintenance of the M26, X26c, and C2 Tasers. In addition, you will fire one cartridge from an X26c Taser. This course will also qualify you to use, carry, or maintain a number of commercially available stun guns. At the end, you will take a final exam testing the concepts you’ve learned during training.

In order to sign up for the course, you must contact the instructor, Shaun Sundahl. Mr. Sundahl can be reached on his cell phone at (909) 525-8925. Please keep in  mind we do not accept phone calls or text messages from individuals--only businesses or groups with six or more students

Who needs Taser or stun gun training?

To begin, you don’t need a permit to carry a Taser or stun gun. California does not mandate you complete any training. So if California doesn’t require you to be trained, why get trained and certified? If you work security, most employers will not let you carry a Taser or stun gun without the proper training. For all others, being trained may be a legal duty.  Even if you use a Taser or stun gun in self-defense, the police or the courts may question whether your use of force was reasonable. Any unreasonable use of force opens the flood gates to the victim suffering from criminal and civil charges. Without the proper training, how would you know what constitutes “reasonable?” Also, if you use the Taser or stun gun improperly, you, or the other person can be seriously injured. 

The bulk of our training is directed towards California private security officers, bail enforcement officers (bounty hunters), and private investigators. However, we encourage all responsible citizens to carry a Taser for their protection. Social service workers, medical professionals, legal professionals, education professionals, corporate sector employees, and business owners are encouraged to attend. Anyone who routinely walks into dark or dangerous at night is encouraged to attend. Women are always encouraged to attend.

If you have a felony record, we will not train you. In such case, it is a crime to possess a Taser or stun gun. 

**NO classes will be scheduled until late August 2016**


**Note: we only offer training for businesses, colleges, or for those who can recruit a group of 6 or more. You must host the course at your location**

Due to the low instructor-to-student ratio, our prices are substantially higher than other training organizations.  The price for the course is $190.00 per student. Training is usually one on one with the instructor. 

If you are interested in the training, you must pay in full. Payment reserves you the instructor's time. Our training is only for the serious-minded person. Please click on the Paypal tab below. You don't need a Paypal account to render payment.

Taser certification in the Inland Empire, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Ontario, Los Angeles, Moreno Valley, Palm Desert, Riverside, San Bernardino, Palm Springs, Indio, Palm Desert, Coachella Valley areas and counties.

Sundahl & Associates
4195 Chino Hills Pkwy #76
Chino Hills, CA 91709
BSIS State License # TFF 1298

Please note that we do not train individual students-- ONLY groups of 6 or more. To schedule a class other than the date listed below, you MUST be a college rep, business, or have recruited a group of 6 or more students. You must host the course at your location. ONLY IF YOU HAVE A GROUP OF SIX OR MORE OR IF YOU ARE A ORGANIZATION, YOU CAN REACH THE INSTRUCTOR AT (909) 525-8925 for the instructor's cell phone. Text messages are encouraged. Ask for Shaun Sundahl.


About the Instructor

Before you enroll in any Taser certification, feel free to ask the instructor or training company the following question: Have you ever deployed a Taser against a violent person? Most of the time, you’ll get a shrug or response that this question is irrelevant to training. 

Our certified Taser Instructor, Shaun Sundahl, has experienced well over 20 incidents involving the Taser being deployed against violent persons.  Sometimes the Taser worked and other times, it didn’t.

On one occasion in 2008, Mr. Sundahl saw a large man running after a woman. The man caught up to the woman and began to beat her. Once there was an open position, Mr. Sundahl shot the man with his X26 Taser. The attacker immediately let go and began to scream in pain on the ground. 
Because the Taser incapacitated the attacker, the woman was able to escape to safety.

Facts, Myths, and FAQ Revealed

Can you electrocute someone with a Taser? No! The Taser discharges 50,000 volts of electricity. That might sound like a lot of electricity, but you can literally touch a Van De Graff Electrostatic Generator and safely have 1.5 million volts pass through your body! The reason you survive, is the Taser’s low current. Compare Taser’s 0.0036 amps versus the 16 amps from a 110 V Wall outlet.

Is the Taser deadly?

Sometimes people die from Tasers; however this can be attributed to preexisting medical conditions. Others can get seriously injured due to falls—Tasers can cause muscular incapacitation. In other words, the muscles contract causing the person to fall abruptly.  With the proper training, you can reduce these possibilities.

Stun Gun and Tasers

Stun guns are not Tasers. Above, is a picture of a stun gun that would normally cost $15-20. A Taser, on the other hand, is a trademark name under Taser International Inc.

A stun gun delivers an electric shock designed to cause pain to the sensory nervous system. For example, when you touch something hot, your sensory nervous system (SNS) is affected. You might pull your hand out and say “ouch!” When your motor nervous system (MNS) is overridden, involuntary muscle contractions occur. The result is temporary paralysis. The Taser affects the SNS and MNS. Also, the Taser can be switched to a stun gun mode

The student should be aware that if you use a stun gun on someone, they might not be affected. The person may continue to carry on the assault, especially someone who is tolerant to pain. Recently, our instructor volunteered to be shocked by a cheap Stun Gun model. A slap on the arm would have been more painful! After seeing the minor effects, his student refused to carry her Stun Gun.

Another difference is pricing. You can purchase a 50,000 volt Stun Gun for about $15-$20. A C2 Taser costs approximately $300-$450. An X26c Taser costs between $900-$1,100. For self-defense, we recommend you invest in your safety and purchase either an X26c or C2 Taser model rather than a cheap Stun Gun.

Do I have to get Tasered?

Of course not! Just like you don’t have to get shot to learn to operate a firearm, you don’t need to get Tasered to be certified.

Can I get a training certificate?

If you request a Certificate of Completion, we will mail one to you in 5-7 business days at no extra cost. Private security officers will receive 4 hours of Stun Gun/Electronic Control Device (ECD) credit as part of their 40 hour training requirement. Certificates expire in one year.

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