California P.O.S.T. Background Investigators

California P.O.S.T Background Investigations

Sundahl & Associates currently has certified California P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards & Training) background investigators on staff to meet your human resource needs. All law enforcement agencies are mandated by POST to meet specific due diligence requirements when selecting peace officers and dispatchers for employment.  Although the government code is not as stringent as the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, public agencies are held to a high standard when selecting government employees for employment.   

Our background investigators strictly adhere to California Government Code § 9053 (b).  We investigate the following areas of an applicant’s behavior:
1.  Integrity;

2.  Impulse Control/Attention to Safety;

3.  Substance Abuse and Other Risk-Taking Behavior;

4.  Stress Tolerance;

5.  Confronting and Overcoming Problems;

6.  Obstacles, and Adversity;

7.  Conscientiousness;

8.  Interpersonal Skills;

9.  Decision making and Judgment;

10. Learning Ability, and Communication Skills

Our POST background service is available to all law enforcement jurisdictions located in Southern California. In addition, we provide background investigations for all types of governments including railroad districts, water and power districts, fire department, code enforcement, college districts, special districts, all counties, cities, and state offices.

Why contract background investigation services out to Sundahl & Associates?

First, it's a misdemeanor to hire a non-licensed agency or investigator to perform contract background investigations. Because we're licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, we're able to perform POST Background Investigations. 

Many law enforcement agencies are experiencing budget issues. Gone are the days when an agency is able to afford a full-time background investigator. More than before, administrators, sergeants, detectives, and patrol officers have collateral duties.

Performing a background investigation takes time away from the agency's primary law enforcement duties. Often times, the agency pays the investigator overtime. When an agency hires Sundahl & Associates, they actually save money and resources are directed to where it matters most--the law enforcement or public service mission.

Agencies save time and money by contracting with Sundahl & Associates because:

1. No overtime.
2. No worker's compensation premiums.
3. No insurance premiums.
4. No retirement.
5. No fuel or mileage costs.
6. No housing (out of area checks).
7. No wear and tear to city/county/government vehicles.
8. No overhead costs (electricity, gas, printing ink, paper etc...).
9. No manpower.
10. No one to pay hourly.
11. No one calling in sick.

If you consider all these items, it's easy to see how an agency can easily exceed $1,400 per background investigation.

Forms for Law Enforcement Officer or Dispatcher Applicants:

Attention Applicants
: Before downloading or completing any of the forms below, please confirm the correct form with your assigned background investigator.

Click here for the most current version of the California POST Background Personal History Statement Form (POST 2-251). This form is specifically for Peace Officer applicants. The form was updated 03/2011.

Click here for the most current version of the California POST Background Personal History Statement Form (POST 2-255). This form is specifically for Public Safety Dispatchers. The form was updated 03/2011.



4195 Chino Hills Pkwy #76

Chino Hills, California 91709

*We are relocating to the Imperial County!**

Contact Person:

Shaun Sundahl, Off-Duty Police Officer, POST Background Coordinator & Contract Investigator
Cell (909) 525-8925
Fax (866) 729-6113
E-mail: ssundahl
License#: PI 26810

***We serve most parts of California***
About Us

All Sundahl & Associates lead POST Background investigators are licensed contract investigators consisting of current, former, and retired police officers. Some of them serve/d as background investigators for their current employer. 
All background investigations are treated as if the applicant was applying to one of our agencies.

We have the capacity to provide services to local police and sheriff's departments, railroad police, Department of Justice Special Agent Offices, fire departments, federal agencies, and any other public service agencies.

We provide expedited background services for those agencies that will be hiring a Chief of Police, Sheriff, or City Manager.

We provide neighborhood canvas interviews for out-of-state law enforcement agencies or agencies located out of the area.

All lead investigators have completed the basic POST Background Investigation Course. 

We work closely with your administration or background investigation/hiring department.


To accommodate a simple pricing plan for law enforcement agencies, we offer a flat-rate option depending on the location of the law enforcement officer applicant. In most cases, the agency can expect to pay a flat fee between $990 and $1,390 per background investigation. This type of pricing assumes the applicant resides in Southern California (north of Bakersfield).

For applicants who reside in Southern California and his/her agency requires contacts in other states or north of Bakersfield, additional prices apply.

For outside agencies, we offer a neighbor interview service. Depending on the neighborhood, we will perform at least six door knocks and interview neighbors. If you have a standard department form (personal reference report or similar), we will complete that form for you. This service varies in price, but ranges between $500 and $700.

Turnaround Times

Turnaround times will vary from applicant to applicant. In most cases, we're able to complete a background investigation in approximately 4-6 weeks. Many times we finish sooner, especially with local applicants who are younger and who've held few jobs and lived in few places.

For an additional flat fee that varies between $500 and $800, expedited service is available.

Disclaimer: Sundahl & Associates, POST Background Investigators are not employed or have any association with the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. Sundahl & Associates, is an independent and licensed private investigations firm providing contract services for governmental entities. Also, we do not provide fingerprint services or polygraph exams; therefore all fingerprint/Livescan/polygraph service is the full responsibility of the prospective employer. 
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