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Pictured above is BSIS Firearms Instructor, Shaun E. Sundahl (left) with the late "Gunny" R. Lee Ermey.  Gunny was featured in the 1987 movie "Full Metal Jacket." Photo taken March 30, 2012.

Shaun Edward Sundahl
Mr. Sundahl is currently serving as a sworn law enforcement officer and range master for an undisclosed agency and an instructor at the local police academy.  Mr. Sundahl has over 20 years' of experience in the public safety and private investigation sector. Mr. Sundahl brings to the company his education and his practical experience that includes his tenure as a private investigator, police officer, private patrol operator qualified manager, and firearms instructor.

Mr. Sundahl has authored more than three books: The California Legal InvestigatorThe Private Patrol Operator, and Stalker PoisonThe California Legal Investigator regularly achieves ranking in the Legal Services Section of Amazon's Top 100 Books.  

Mr. Sundahl is a mentor of those wishing to pursue a career in the criminal justice system. He was an instructor for Brightwood College's School of Criminal Justice. He has taught college-level courses in Criminal Investigations, Corrections, Criminology, Security, Intro to Criminal Justice, and Terrorism. 

Mr. Sundahl is a graduate from San Diego State University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.  In 2012, Mr. Sundahl obtained his Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree with high honors. 

Although Mr. Sundahl has handled criminal defense investigations, worker's compensation fraud, mortgage fraud, background investigations, and surveillance assignments, he has a preference for workplace theft or workplace violence investigations.  

Mr. Sundahl can be contacted at or 909-525-8925.

Alexander Villapudua 

Civilian Combat Instructor (Contractor)

Mr. Villapudua is more than qualified to train you. Mr. Villapudua is a former United States Marine (MOS 0311) and current Army Reservist.  Because he has seen the “wolf,” Mr. Villapudua distinguishes himself from other trainers in the private sector training community. Seeing the “wolf” is a common analogy used to describe someone who has experienced a life and death encounter.  In fact, Mr. Villapudua’s “real-world” experience is based on his four deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. During his deployments, Mr. Villapudua and his fellow Marines engaged in deadly combat operations.

Mr. Villapudua is in the good position to say perseverance, marksmanship and a survival mindset are the keys to staying alive. Attend one of our courses, and you will see, Mr. Villapudua is committed to sharing his training and experience with you. He will help you become a safer citizen, soldier, law enforcement, or security officer.


                  Greg Patterson
                          Adjunct Firearms Instructor

Our instructor holding an AK-47 in the Middle East.

Pictured above: Our instructor in an undisclosed country, teaching students to fire their state-issued AK-47s.

Our adjunct firearms  instructor is Greg Patterson. Mr. Patterson has over 22 years of experience in law enforcement. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. He performs special assignments for the U.S. Department of State and trains foreign police agencies in hostile countries in the Middle East. Mr. Patterson trains foreign jurisdictions the special techniques necessary to maintain a tactical mindset and when things go sideways, how to stay alive.  

Mr. Patterson local law enforcement experience includes FTO (Field Training Officer), Gang Detail, S.W.A.T., and patrol. Additionally, he has worked Executive Protection for high-profile clients and high-risk undercover assignments in banks with histories of armed robberies. And last, Mr. Patterson stands out from many other instructors as he has survived several ambushes and shootings.  Our instructor’s intent on teaching our courses is to pass on his experience, knowledge, and training to others who will be better prepared to face a violent encounter. 



is located in El Centro, California but we operate in all of Southern California.

Our firm regularly services mortgage insurance agencies, mortgage auditing companies, banking industries, and our fellow private investigation agencies who would like to expand their resources. All firms doing business with us for the first time, have called us for business a second time. We have provided professional consulting to several high- profile clients ranging from California to New York.

Our Badge

Our badge was carefully designed to reflect upon our values. Reflecting on our values, Lady Justice is blind-folded. She is blind-folded to symbolize justice shall be viewed in an impartial manner. The scale indicates equal justice for all. The sword is a symbol of power of our American justice system. On the third ribbon are the words “Scientia Est Potentia.”
In Latin the words translate to “Knowledge by itself is power.” Indeed, we agree the more knowledge we have, the more we are inclined to empower ourselves to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.

Mission Statement

Sundahl & Associates is a company dedicated to serving the public in a private context. Our Corporation consists of educated and experienced persons, former and current police officers who are in the business of empowering others. We empower others by providing the tools and professionalism needed for our clients to make informative decisions.

Professional Associations

Mr. Sundahl is the founder and moderator for the Linkedin Group, California Network of Legal Investigators. If you have any private investigator-related questions or comments, this is the forum to post. This is the forum where you can show others your expertise. Also, several times during the year, we will post work assignments we can't handle. To join, please click on the logo below:

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