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About the Imperial County,

Sundahl & Associates’ Chief Executive Officer and Licensed Private Investigator, Shaun Sundahl is a former  resident of Imperial County, California. Specifically he has resided in the cities of El Centro, CA and Imperial, CA.  

Imperial County a.k.a. “Imperial Valley,” “Valle Imperial,” or “I.V.” for those native to the area, offers a diverse and rich collection of Resources in the form of Human Power, Infrastructure and Economic Development. The climate is hot and dry, ranging from lows in the mid 30's in January to highs of 110+ in July and August (mean temperatures: low-55.0; high-89.6), with little moisture (average annual rainfall: 2.92 inches; 25 percent average relative humidity). And yes, our CEO, Shaun Sundahl has been in this area when it has reached 121 Degrees in 2003! Last August, he worked a criminal defense investigation and several surveillance assignments in Calexico, CA.  


Imperial County extends over 4,597 square miles, bordering on Mexico to the south, Riverside County to the north, San Diego County on the west, and the State of Arizona on the east. The terrain varies from 235 feet below sea level at the Salton Sea to 4,548 feet at Blue Angel Peak. Imperial County, originally part of San Diego County, was founded August 7, 1907. The area was visited as early as 1540 by Hernando de Alarcon, discoverer of the Colorado River. PIs and others don't know this but it was further explored by Spanish explorers and Catholic friars. Settlements existed along the Butterfield Stage Route as early as 1858, but no real development took place until water was brought into the area in 1901.


As a former resident of Imperial County, PI Shaun Sundahl knows the local people, government, and culture of Imperial County. He also knows most of the limited private investigators who work out of this area. This trait is especially helpful when conducting an investigation in this area of California. Other private investigators advertise they work out of Imperial County and give you the impression they know the people.


The benefit of hiring El Centro, Calexico, Brawley, Salton City, or Imperial County Private Investigators (PI) is we bill local mileage rates.  Remember, San Diego or Riverside is nowhere near Imperial County, so don’t be fooled and pay mileage rates from far away cities.


Our Imperial County Private Investigators provide the following services:

1. Criminal Investigations.

2. Surveillance.

3. Fraud Investigations.

4. Employee background investigations.

5. Employee termination.

6. Civil litigation support.

7. Missing person locate.

List of Detailed Services:

Criminal Defense Support

Have you been wrongly accused of a crime? If so, hire us to investigate your case.  We here at the Detective Agency have placed many people behind bars.  As former police officers, we know the loop holes of the criminal justice system and trust us, there are MANY.  We know how police officers think, behave, and act.  Something to consider: police officers do not often look for the eye witnesses who will testify on your behalf.  In fact, the police officer’s role is to help the prosecutor prosecute YOU. No matter if you have been accused for murder or DUI, no accusation is too small or large for our firm to handle. We at the Detective Agency have worked with great cops and dirty ones. It takes former police officers to understand the behavior of current ones.

Attorney Support

Sundahl & Associates specializes in assisting attorneys with surveillance, locating, and interviewing witnesses, evidence gathering, and written documentation for tort, breach of contract, and worker’s compensation cases. Our CEO has a B.S degree and is currently studying law which allows him to have the upper hand over other investigators.

Criminal Investigations

Do you feel the police just arrived and left, leaving you with question marks? Did they try to lift fingerprints or did they just leave? Don’t worry you’re not alone.  The truth is police agencies have cut their manpower and some officers are simply lazy.  Some agencies don’t have the time as they once had to investigate your case.  At the Detective Agency, we have as much time as needed to investigate and hopefully, solve your case. Hire us to investigate your case and we will hand over the evidence needed to the police agency to prosecute your case.   We offer solutions such as fingerprint lifting and comparisons to identify the person responsible. Private investigators do not have the Fourth Amendment restrictions (search and seizure law) that impeded the modern-day police force. We investigate cold case files such as murders, burglaries, theft, fraud, and all others.

Infidelity Investigations

Are you or someone you care about concerned about a significant other cheating? If so, call us NOW. We conduct undercover and surveillance operations so you can have a piece of mind. We don’t make any promises, but we will attempt to obtain the physical evidence you need to sleep better at night. Our service is discreet and whatever is mentioned in the office stays in the office. We can meet you in the field or in the office, whichever conveniences you. Our investigators will keep you up to date with pictures, video footage, and daily written reports. We won’t sleep until you sleep!

Pre-Employment Screening

Do you really know who you are hiring? A small price to hire us for pre-employment screening, by far, outweighs the costs and damage a parasitic employee might cause to your company. We offer modern workforce solutions for the demands of today so you don’t have to worry tomorrow. We hand tailor our pre-employment package for the needs not of a company, but of YOUR company. Because every company or organization is unique, our investigations team will take the time to access your business needs and offer an array of solutions.

Tenant Screening

Are you a landlord? Do you need help screening tenants? We have access to modern technology to screen out tenants that might cause YOU problems in the future.

Several months ago, we located a history of evictions for our customer in Pennsylvania. The customer disregarded our findings and just recently had a problem removing the same tenant! Also, we were able to find that a prospective tenant had an arrest history for rape. Another had an extensive history of assault and battery.  Can you imagine trying to evict or collect rent on some of these tenants? Do you really know who is renting your property? Are you located out of the area or out of state and want to see that your tenant-landlord agreement is being adhered to?

For a small PRICE, you can reduce future COSTS.

Employee Misconduct


Sundahl & Associates investigators are well versed in the law to avoid potential lawsuits against the employer.  If the employee is suspected of a crime, we don’t have the same restrictions police officers or detectives have. We specialize in interviewing and investigating employees suspected of violating company policy and/or criminal codes while observing local, state, and federal laws. No matter if the accusation is sexual harassment or violation of company policy, the Detective Agency will gather as much evidence as possible to prevent claims of wrongful termination.

Child support investigations

Hire our Detective Agency to locate the “dead beat” parents who cowards him/herself to avoid paying child support and/or alimony. We have access to modern day tools used in the private investigation industry to locate those “dead beats.”

Mortgage Field Auditors

We provide support out-of-state and in-state support for Mortgage Auditing Agencies. We are licensed and insured. We would be more than willing to provide your contractors or your agency with proof of both documents. 

Person locate

Are you trying to find someone? Do you need to serve papers to someone and you have no clue where they are?  We here at the Detective Agency, specialize in locating people.  We have modern tools to locate those you need found.

Police Misconduct

Have the police ever wrongfully placed their hands on YOU or a loved one? Did the police officer lie in her report in order to “lawfully” arrest YOU? If so, you are not alone. We know how some police officers “cover up” misconduct and lie for each other.  As former police officers, we know how to cross this “Thin Blue line” and collect the evidence you need to assist your attorney with litigation matters. We have the ability and courage to conduct covert operations such as surveillance, on the police. So when you ask who watches over the police, your answer is our Detective Agency.

Witness Protection

For witnesses who fear immediate harm or death if they testify in court, our Detective Agency provides armed witness protection services. We are licensed to carry a firearm.

Our Imperial County Private Investigators serve the following areas:

Bombay Beach

El Centro

Palo Verde

Salton City



Mexicali, Mexico Private Investigators


We also provide investigations in Mexicali, Mexico

Sundahl & Associates, Detective Agency

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**Our current rate is $95.00/hour. Please CLICK HERE for our current price list and specifics on pricing**

In summary, if you need assistance please contact our Imperial County Private Investigators and Private Detectives in Imperial County, California.

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