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“Marketing service for the fellow PI by a PI.”

If you can’t find your business in ranked on the first few pages of Google, then keep reading. Sundahl & Associate’s C.E.O., Shaun Sundahl has completed his certification as an SEO Certified ProfessionalTM. SEO stands for Site Engine Optimization. We are proud to present we will be expanding our firm to include web and internet marketing exclusively for private investigators. Very rarely you will find an SEO who specializes in marketing for other private investigators.

When Shaun made his website open to the public in November 2009, a larger SEO firm called contacted him. At this time, Shaun knew nothing about website design or website marketing just like many other PIs.  In fact, Shaun would type in the words “” and he couldn’t even find his website! 

At a rate of about $100.00 per month, Shaun was easily persuaded by the salesperson encouraging him to contract for website marketing service.  Shaun eventually entered into a contract with for a 1-800 number, technical support, website design and SEO service.  Would you agree if your website produced no customers, there is no use of maintain service with a SEO company?

Dissatisfied, Shaun contacted and he was told his website was not old enough and that more time was needed.  There is a lot of truth to this statement; however in the ending months of his contract, Shaun spoke to another representative from who made a startling discovery.  Shaun’s website was not optimized for local private investigation service; therefore people who were looking for local service could not find his firm. Hundreds of dollars down the drain, Shaun ended the site optimization service. Instead of generating customers from the web page created by, no customers were generated. In fact, all of Sundahl & Associates, customers and client base were generated by a website Shaun created (looked like a school-aged child made it!).

In no way do we discourage the use of the website optimization service by  The reason could not apply their skills to our line-of- work is because the technician hired to optimize our site was likely not a private investigator or detective. 

Would you agree someone who is not a private investigator or someone who has not been in the investigations business does not know the proper verbiage to place on a PIs website?  A non-private investigator SEO’s perception on what he/she should place on your site is shaped by the mass media.  What happens when a law firm is looking to hire a private investigator as compared to “Mr. Joe”? Because many law firms are familiar with private investigators, they probably won’t use the keywords “private eye” in the Google search engine.  More likely are the terms “private investigator” or “private detective.” The experienced private investigator knows this.


Advice 101 

Just about any PI can learn how to optimize PI websites. The issue is time. If you have a lot of time on your hands, we suggest you spend it on optimizing your website. We recommend you place a ton of helpful articles that benefit your client base. Also, try not to sell your service on all your webpages. Clients will come to you if they feel you are trustworthy and informative.

Package “A”

We will place you on the network under “Investigations.”  We recommend this package for those who do not have the time and money to update their website on a regular basis. Let us know what city you would like to “claim.” This package includes keyword research. Unfortunately, if we feel we cannot rank you in the top 2 pages of Google within 60 days, we will refund 100% of your money. 

The more cities listed the better chance of being found on Google. 
Scroll to down to the "Case Studies" section of this webpage to see how well we rank in Google.

This is not one of those basic listings where just your name, company, and address is listed.  Your webpage will be fully optimized for Google search spiders. Remember, we will treat your webpage as it were one of our own. As a PI firm, we speak the same language as other private investigators and detectives.

The price is $149.99 per year per web page. You may modify the quantity for additional web pages.

Quantity of Crimebullet Webpages

Please call the SEO professional, Shaun Sundahl if you have any questions. His cell number is (909) 525-8925. Email address is

Important! Read.

Please understand, Sundahl & Associates is currently in the private investigation business in California.  As a PI firm there are some areas we are not willing to assist others in marketing considering we do not want to place our clients and our firm into a conflict of interest. Most of California is open and the whole United States is not within our marketing zone.

Case Studies

Below is an actual example of our skills and ability to investigate your market.  In just 5 days, we were able to rank our client, #1 on Google for the keywords "Private Investigators in Mill Valley, CA" Being ranked high in the Google search engine = customers. Please note that results may vary.

Still not convinced?  In just approximately 2 weeks, we were able to rank #2 on Google for Private Investigators in a larger city called West Covina, California.

Here is another example. In the county of Imperial, we were able to rank #2, #3, and #4 for the first page of Google for the search terms "pi located in Imperial County"  

And one last one.  Below, we ranked #1 on Google in just two weeks for the search terms "pi in diamond bar."


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