Hiring a Private Investigator to Locate a Missing Person: Justification

Hiring a PI to find a Missing Person: Justification

Written by Shaun E. Sundahl, Private Investigator

Date of Publication: July 3, 2011

Missing person investigations are initiated either by relatives, creditors, and bail bond agencies, claimant in a lawsuit, friends, heir seekers, and yes---- even stalkers.  This article will describe the justification processes the Private Investigator is involved with prior to accepting a missing person case.

Although someone may be searching for their loved one, the private investigator is usually cautious since he or she may infringing on privacy rights on the missing.  The Private Investigator may be cautious for the purposes of locating this person since in many cases there are reasons why the client and missing person have ceased contact. Old grudges or “fall outs” tend to be the leading causes of ceasing contact.

The Private Investigator is always considering liability. Liability for the private investigator may be mitigated if the investigator has the client and missing person agree to a release of liability clause.  If the missing person refuses to agree to the release of liability, the private investigator will likely give the client’s contact information to the missing person and suggest he/she return a call, letter, visit, or e-mail (if the client so agrees). Depending on how the suggestion to contact the client is presented, this will determine whether or not the missing person initiates contact. The PI must appear trustworthy and have the empathy to relate to the circumstances that caused the contact to cease.  It’s almost like the world of sales. The car salesperson approaches you in a “pushy” manner, you might get turned off and go somewhere else.  If the salesperson approaches you with respect and dignity and considers your reasoning for wanting a vehicle, you’d probably be more inclined to purchase the car from that salesperson. And most importantly, you’ll go with the salesperson that appears honest. Consider speaking to the Private Investigator and if you’re gut instinct tells you to employ their services, go that way.

Let’s say, you found your PI. You must understand Private Investigators are encouraged not to release the missing person’s information to the client without the missing person waiving their right to privacy. Considering there have been cases where stalkers and killers have employed the services of a Private Investigator, it is no wonder PI’s hesitate to release contact information.  Don’t be offended if the Private Investigator asks you the purpose of locating this person. After all it is their career on the line.

Perhaps you are looking for a lost sister, brother, parent, friend, or business partner?  The “missing person” is usually not missing, per se so the use of the term “missing” is somewhat deceptive. These types of investigations are usually initiated near holidays.  Perhaps the thought of the 4th of July holiday, ignites a brief spark of a time when the missing person and client shared a special moment.  January 1st, “New Years” is another time when the client seeks to start a New Year’s resolution by maintaining contact with the missing person.  Birthdays tend to spark memory of a time when the client and missing shared a relationship.

I can’t stress this enough. Before employing the services of a private investigator you should search attempt to search them yourself.  Enter the missing person’s name through www.google.com.  If the name is not very common, you might have some leads to work from. If the name is common, you’ll be busy for a while working on possible leads. A private investigator can save you the headache. Employing the services of a private investigator can become very expensive so try your best to find the person yourself.

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