How to hire a PI to kill someone

How to hire a PI to kill someone?: A Private Investigator's advice to other PIs.

By Shaun Sundahl, Private Investigator

May 19, 2011

How to hire a PI to kill someone. What! Let me explain. From time to time, I, along with some of my partners in crime will be offering advice for the aspiring private detective, private investigator, or concerned reader.

Let me give you a brief story of an incident that occurred in December 2010 in the area of Ottawa, Canada. The Toronto Sun dubbed the killer, “Cross Bow Killer” for the obvious reasons I will explain. In early October of last year, 24 year-old, Zhou "Peter" Fang hired a private Investigator to locate his father who had been “missing.” Mr. Fang did not disclose his real name to the investigator (HINT HINT) and handed the private investigator photos of Mr.Fang’s father. The folder where the photos were contained had the words “EVIL” written on it (HINT HINT)

The media reports are silent as to whether or not the private investigator did in fact find Mr. Fang’s father. Nevertheless, Mr. Fang found his father inside a public library and shot him fatally in the back with a crossbow bolt.

The case illustrates the following points, irrespective of the investigator finding the

victim or not:

Ask your client the reason for hiring you and spell out on a retainer agreement, what exactly you will be doing for. Remember, your client can only hire you for legitimate purposes.

If the purpose is to find a lost relative,ask the client what they will do with that information if it is obtained. Spell this out in the retainer.

NEVER NEVER disclose the address of the person you intend to locate if the case involves a missing relative or friend. An exception would be if the other party needs to locate the relative for legal processes.

Be up front with your client. You will make a good faith effort in locating

the missing person, however if you do find him/her, you will be restricted to

telling the “missing person” that someone (your client) is looking for them and

give him/her the client’s contact information (if client authorizes this).

Conduct a preliminary background check on your client. Is your client who

he/she says they are? Ask them for identification and inform them it is for “record

keeping” purposes.

Reports of stalkers hiring private investigators to locate their victims is not


Remember, as a private investigator you have access to great databases for finding people under LEGITAMATE PURPOSES. And do remember, there usually is a reason someone is “missing.” Someone might be “missing” to avoid family members, child support, friends, law enforcement, or creditors. Or they might go missing to avoid a DEATH THREAT. Let’s not be the one to find them so someone can complete the threat.

**All information presented here is under copyright by Sundahl & Associates, Inc. 2011. You may not reproduce or copy the information contained herein without the express permission of Sundahl & Associates.  Shaun Sundahl (CEO) is a professional writer and you may employ his services from time to time. For permission please contact us by phone or e-mail. Thank you.**


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