PPO Test Class

As of 2013, we have a 100% Pass Rate for our seminar students.

California Private Patrol Operator (PPO) Seminar for the 2013 PPO Test

The California Private Patrol Operator Seminar is conducted one-on-one by Shaun E. Sundahl, the author of the first-ever published book on passing the PPO Exam. His book is known as the Private Patrol Operator (PPO) Study Guide-A California Edition Currently, it is extremely rare to find a training firm that teaches PPO courses in a full classroom environment, let alone any environment.

This seminar will cover the material tested on the CA PPO Test.  Please be advised this course is CA PPO Exam specific; this is not the course to learn to operate a private security company.

We will cover the following subjects:

1. Labor law.

2. Contract and proposals.

3. Business and Professions Code.

4. Private Security industry practices.

5. Supervision.

6. Pre-employment testing.

7. Private Security Act.  

8. Emergency procedures.

9. Multiple-choice test taking strategies.

What type of people attend your seminar?

All of our clients who attended our seminar were involved in high stakes.  In another words, either "corporate" demanded they pass the PPO Exam or a prospect depended on the client passing the exam. 
They are extremely motivated and willing to learn new information. In our successful history, all but one of our attendees have passed the PPO exam--most on the first attempt. Do understand the PPO exam is not meant for everyone to pass. 

What comes with the PPO Seminar?

Included, we will e-mail you a pdf file of Private Patrol Operator (PPO) Study Guide-A California Edition. Print this file before your appointment. Also, you will get 30 days of access to the PPO SimulatorTM.

How much does the PPO Seminar cost?

Due to popular demand, our seminar fee is set at $750.00. We meet at public locations within a 5 miles radius of Chino Hills, CA. If you desire a meeting closer to your business or residence, the instructor can travel to you at $100.00/hr (2 hour minimum).  

How long is the PPO seminar?

It depends on the client. The instructor has trained some clients in a hour and others in 3 1/2 hours. The maximum amount of time is 4 hours.


If you are not satisfied with the class and notify us within 24 hours, the instructor will give you a 100% refund, excluding travel fees.  Guaranteed. There are no other warranties express or implied.


If you intend on only attending our seminar, you are setting yourself up to fail the PPO test.  After leaving our training session, you must continue to study on your own. We have trained many of our clients to pass this difficult exam and know from experience, this is the best strategy.




A California Corporation

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E-mail: ssundahl

If you have any questions, you may contact the seminar instructor, Shaun E. Sundahl. His cell phone number is (909) 525-8925. Text messages are accepted.

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