Security Contract Law and the CA Private Patrol Operator (PPO)

CA PPO Test: Private Security Contracts

By Shaun E. Sundahl

Date of Publication: May 23, 2011

I am often asked by applicants to the California Private Patrol Operator Exam, the following question. What are the items required to be on a security contract? You can either read 955 pages of the treatise by Calamari and Perillo (1998) known as The Law of Contracts, or you can read further. 

While taking the PPO exam/test, it is important to note, a proposal for security services is NOT a contract. A proposal serves as preliminary negotiations to enter into a legally binding contract. A proposal is also considered an offer.

A standard proposal for private security services includes:

  1. The guard(s) or other’s rate of pay
  2. Any benefits the guard will be entitled to
  3. Hours of coverage
  4. Responsibilities and duties of the guard
  5. Uniform requirements
  6. Equipment
  7. Insurance coverage
  8. Auditing procedures
  9. Supervisory and management inspections
  10. Procedures for reviews
  11. Miscellaneous fees
  12. Company information

A proposal for security services merges into something called a contract once both parties agree to all the terms. Because a contract requires unequivocal assent to the terms of the proposal (known also as an offer), disagreement on the conflicting terms are either modified or “knocked out.” Don’t get nervous when you hear the words contract and proposal for services.  More importantly, don’t confuse the two on the exam. It is important to understand a contract is just a legally enforceable agreement between two parties----that’s it! Do study the differences.

Eventually the contract should contain:

  1. Hours of coverage.
  2. Location of services.
  3. Minimum staffing levels
  4. Specific duties of employees.
  5. Required uniforms and equipment.
  6. Identity of the party who will provide and incur the expenses of training, uniforms, and equipment.
  7. Billing rates of each employee.
  8. Limits of liability; indemnification

Learning Tip:  An acronym is a phrase or a statement we use to represent a combination of words or phrases.  An example of an acronym would be DUI, USA, BSIS…I think you get the idea. There is a common acronym for contracts—something all law professionals are able to remember under times of stress. This acronym has been around for many years. While taking the Private Patrol Operator exam, you might be overcome by stress, which is very normal.  It’s okay. The PPO is a stressful test for those who have not studied this type of material.

Call Shaun Sundahl NOW! for that acronym you need to bring with you to the PPO test!  The greatest thing is its FREE!


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