What BSIS doesn't want you to know: How the Private Patrol Operator (PPO) Test was born.

In 2010, our CEO, Shaun E. Sundahl prepared to take the new version of the California (CA) Private Patrol Operator (PPO) Exam. As a graduate student in his law school program, Shaun was used to taking a battery of difficult examinations including multiple choice questions. Because of his schooling and experience training police officers in the field, Shaun was able to create the ultimate Private Patrol Operator (PPO) study guide. In February 2010, Shaun sat for the PPO exam and passed the first time. The next week, Shaun took the more difficult, Private Investigator (PI) exam.

Again, Shaun predicted the content of the test and passed the first time. On or about May 2010, Shaun began advertising study sessions for the PPO Test. Because Sundahl & Associates’, web site took months to reach the top of Google, no one noticed our training. Our tipping point began on October 2010, when our first client called us and requested tutoring sessions. The applicant’s sister mentioned her brother failed the exam four times. Apparently, our price was too high, but we’ve found a blog several months old and the same student who requested assistance from us has yet to pass. In November 2010, our website was reaching hundreds of visits each month and since then; we’ve been busy training several students a month to pass the PPO test.

If for any reason, BSIS decides to modify the current test and study material, Shaun has developed new PPO testing material not on the current PPO Simulator TM.  Shaun predicts these subjects will be on the new test once BSIS makes modifications. Trust us, the PPO test will become more difficult to pass. BSIS can change the PPO test as many times as they want, but they can never get rid of Shaun Sundahl and his Associates, future predictions, and test taking strategies!

Have you ever taken the BSIS Repo exam? Do you know anyone who has?  We know of quite a few who failed this exam at least six times! Shaun who is not in the Repo field sat down once with a repo applicant who needed his help.  Shaun created a study guide and sure enough, everything on the study guide was on the actual Repo test! What does the Repo test have to do with the PPO test? This goes to show you, we've became experts at predictability. It's not magic though.  Its years of taking multiple choice tests and working in government.

E-mail or call Shaun Sundahl NOW! to ask him how he is able to predict what will be on the CA Repo test, PPO test, and PI test! The secret (actually not a secret) is spelled out in one sentence on the BSIS website.

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