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By Shaun Sundahl, inventor of the PPO Simulator

Date: July 8, 2011

I have a question for you. Do you think someone who is waiting to take the PPO test by PSI Exams can study too much? YES!

This brief article will assist you on studying for the California Private Patrol Operator test administered by PSI Exams. 

Studying multiple choice questions too much can cause candidates to fail the CA Private Patrol Operator (PPO) exam required for licensure by BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services). Here are some quick tips:

Lesson#1- If you use study material such as a Private Patrol Operator practice test, do not practice multiple choice (mc) questions daily and religiously.  If you do, you are headed to failing the PPO test. Anxiety levels for some will rise once they read through the Private Patrol Operator Exam by PSI Exams and the selection of answers is different than what they have been practicing.  This author has noticed applicants who try our PPO Simulator 2-3 times every day for several weeks usually fail (rare but happens). It is possible to study too much.  After all, applicants who study for the BSIS PSI Exam this way are more prone to believing the answer choices they studied for are the rule for every fact pattern. When the question or answer choices are not arranged or worded similar to the actual PSI PPO Exam, these types of applicants will become anxious. Anxiety leads to pandemonium and pandemonium leads to chaos. Chaos leads to confusion and eventually failure.

Just about all study material---even material from us, does not contain the perfect answer choices. Perhaps this is why PSI Exams encourages the CA Private Patrol Operator applicant to study this very broad material:

Security Services- 14%



Legal Requirements-8%


Service Agreement-7%



If the study material contained exact answer choices, the Department of Consumer Affairs  (DCA) would love to investigate the licensee and issue a harsh administrative penalty for a dishonest act. The only way a Private Patrol Operator Study Center can obtain all of the selection choices is through bribery or sitting in front of an examination with a note pad and paper and stealing the selection choices.

**All information presented here is under copyright by Sundahl & Associates, Inc., 2011. You may not reproduce or copy the information contained herein without the express permission of Sundahl & Associates. Shaun Sundahl (CEO) is a professional writer and you may employ his services from time to time. For permission please contact us by phone or e-mail. Thank you.**

Thank you for reading the article on how to study for a CA Private Patrol Operator exam through PSI Exams!


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