Hire a Qualified Manager for a Private Patrol Operator Business

***We are not accepting any new assignments for 2020/2021 FY***

Hire a Qualified Manager (QM) Consultant for Now

This article is for test takers who will be taking the BSIS Qualified Manager’s Exam to run a Private Patrol Operator business. Due to recent inquiries, I am offering my service as a Qualified Manager Consultant to help smaller or low-profile private security businesses manage the day-to-day affairs of their business--of course, you still own the business.  Since I have been training private security professionals to pass the PPO Exam, I often hear a contract is pending the receipt of a Qualified Manager or Private Patrol Operator license.  Often times, clients who need private security services, need services TODAY.

By hiring me as your Qualified Manager, the application process is expedited, because BSIS does not have to wait to approve a Qualified Manager. With having a Qualified Manager who has already passed the exam and who holds a QM license, all you need to do is turn in the application, submit patch/badge designs, pay the state fees, and insurance policy. Then a license is issues more quickly. Once you get your Qualified Manager on board, you would remove me from your license. 

How much is your services?

You must pay a retainer of $8,950. This fee will cover a period of five months. Service (retainer) begins the day my name is placed on the Qualified Manager application. However, the more high profile the client or the more liability or work involved, the higher the fees. Service after the fifth month is $1,500 per month. There is a 12-month minimum.

What are your job duties?

In addition to being the qualified manager on record, I will help you manage your business. You would serve as a Qualified Manager Apprentice. However, keep in mind, as the owner of your business, you reserve the ability to make the ultimate decision(s).

I don't have the minimum number of hours required to become a Qualified Manager, however I would like to own a security company.

You don't need to have any security experience to OWN a security company as long as you have a Qualified Manager. Many of our clients who are good salespersons or who have great networks fall into this category. We recommend you get your guard card and work security for at least a year. Meanwhile, you might want to hire me as your Qualified Manager for a year while you earn your experience (yes, you still own the company). After you complete the required hours (1 year) of experience, I will sign off on your Certificate of Experience and you will be able to sit for the Qualified Manager exam. The fee is $1,500 per month. Of course, it can vary depending on the liability and/or work involved.

---Shaun Sundahl


Sundahl & Associates
1265 W. State Street #282
El Centro, CA 92243

Manager's Cell (909) 525-8925
E-mail: ssundahl
Note: Due to current agreements, we are NOT currently accepting any contracts for 2017.


Hiring a QM is not for everyone.  My standards are strict, simple, and straight forward:

1.  All terms are in writing.

2.  Complete insurance coverage (liability and worker’s compensation) is required. Also remember, you must pay employment taxes on your employees)

3. A background check will be conducted: No liens, judgments, or Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy.

4. Two references are required.

5. A face-to-face interview is required.

6. Indemnity waiver is required.

7. Must be financially secure and have more than $10,000 cash assets in a business account.

9. Your accounts must be in Southern California.

10. After you receive your PPO/Qualified Manager Certificate, it’s your turn to take over!

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